Aquamarine means "sea water" and derives from the Latin words "aqua" and "marinus".

The aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family. Over aquamarine blue we can list the reds of Bixbite, Goshenite Emerald Greens, white, yellows of Heliodorus and the pink of Morganite.

The color of aquamarine is given by the presence of traces of iron: various concentrations of this element gives rise to a wonderful range of soft pastel colors until the deepest blue, sometimes with flashes of green.

You cut in rectangular, square or octagonal shapes, but also oval, Teardrop or heart. They are not particularly rare and precious stones you can find gems of even relatively large size, over 10 carats.

Aquamarine is found in Pegmatites veins, metamorfe and rock in the form of mineral deposit in the river sediments, is formed to process the primary igneous rock rich in Beryl.

The most precious specimens of aquamarine is mined around 1830 Brazilian areas of Minas Gerais and in the Ural mountains. Today are also found in Madagascar, India, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania. The Brazil is still one of the largest in the world for this gem

The delicate aura of Aquamarine is legendary: according to an old tradition this gem would calm the ire of the sea God, Poseidon. It was customary, in fact, that sailors do launch amulets of aquamarine at sea during storms to rabbonirsi the God of the sea and to prevent his irritability causes earthquakes and shipwrecks.

Aquamarine, birthstone of the month of March. Stone that reassures, instills confidence and serenity and it is auspicious at Weddings.

Normally it is transparent and eye-clean, that is has no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Its high purity remains so even if under magnification.

The different varieties of aquamarine are classified according to their place of extraction

Particularly fascinating is the cat's eye aquamarine: the phenomenon of chatoyancy is very rare for each gem, but to the aquamarines even more so. This effect is caused by long needle-like inclusions and parallel that reflect light.

Aquamarine care should be subject only to traditional treatments and steam cleaning.